- side sleeper & nursing pillow -
Hi, I'm Lara, the kuhli loach.
I am a nocturnal fresh water eel-like fish with the biological name "pangio kuhli". My natural home is on the Jawa Islands of Indonesia. Normally I only grow up to 10 cm big, but my fluffy twin you can buy here, measures 1,40 m. Perfect for everyone who needs a side sleeper or nursing pillow or a huge, fluffy companion.

Also I'm member of the mermaid crew who is trying to educate about marine pollution and problem solving regarding this topic.

You want to know more about what we're doing to the world seas and why we really need to start protecting them now? Perfect! Just click on the picture down below or go to "get informed".

Let's start cleaning and stop polluting the seas.

other members of our crew

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